Musculoskeletal pain

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At TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre we understand the complexities of craniofacial pain that are unique to each patient. Some patients experience TMJ pain and dysfunctions, some experience primary headaches (known as Migraines, tension, cluster) while others may have facial neuralgias, musculoskeletal pain or a combination of all.

TMJ is one of the conditions most frequently identified by patients. This is a very real condition caused by disturbances in the action of the jaw. Research has shown that many factors may lead to this disorder – it can occur by itself or be a part of a more complex problem. We believe that there is usually more than one factor responsible. Causes may include macro traumas: automobile accident, sports injury, accidental falls etc. or micro traumas of clenching and grinding of the teeth (bruxism), which causes the muscles that stabilize the joint to become fatigued from overwork resulting in head, face, jaw and muscle pain. Often the jaw problems, head and facial pain, headaches, migraines and musculoskeletal pain are symptoms of a greater problem affecting the body, much like a fever is secondary to the common flu. In the absence of an acute injury to the head or facial area, we believe the primary cause of these problems is frequently related to insufficient oxygen while sleeping i.e. an unidentified sleep breathing obstruction, Sleep Apnea or Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Everyone assumes they are breathing and getting enough oxygen during sleep; few recognize that nighttime teeth grinding and clenching (bruxing) is an unconscious effort to prevent suffocation. This repeated action all night long over extended periods of time wears down the skeletal structure and the joints resulting in TMJ pain, headaches, musculoskeletal pain, TMJ dysfunctions and facial neuralgias.

Craniofacial Pain Services

Proper diagnosis and emphasis on origin rather than symptoms alone is key to successful, long term treatment results. After proper diagnosis, a specific non-surgical, treatment plan for rehabilitation is developed for the unique needs of each individual patient.

Craniofacial Pain (TMD/TMJ) for Adults

Craniofacial Pain Services for Adults – may include 1 or more of the following:

Comprehensive diagnostics
Non-surgical treatment plan for rehabilitation
Decompression appliance therapy (short term wear of custom orthopedic oral orthotics – not splints)
Nutritional counseling
Medication and supplement regimens
Physical medicine treatment (Laser therapy, trigger points, prolo therapy, phonophoresis)
Multi-discipline Referral Coordination

Craniofacial Pain (TMD/TMJ) for Children

Craniofacial Pain services for Children – may include 1 or more of the following:

Comprehensive diagnostics
Non-surgical treatment plan for rehabilitation
Orthopedic orthodontic development
Nutritional counseling
Supplement regimens
Physical medicine treatment (Laser therapy, phonophoresis)
Multi-discipline referral coordination

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